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From heavy, non-sag formulas that are perfect for fixing holes, tears, cracks and rust-outs, to fiberglass mat and cloth for custom creations, USC® fiberglass products are versatile and hardworking. Use them on a variety of surfaces for marine, automotive, industrial, recreational and household repairs.

Thicker viscosity for less running and sagging! Expect improved wetting and fast curing. It's also tack-free, waterproof and impact resistant. 

Suggested Use(s)
Rebuild and repair cracks, holes, splits, tears and other damage in fiberglass; ideal for custom molding. Can be used on fiberglass, metal, wood, gel-coated polyester and epoxy. Top with primer surfacer.

Mix Ratio
14 drops of supplied liquid hardener to 1 oz. of Fiberglass Resin.