Race Glaze Compound 15201,15192

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Race Glaze Fast Action Compound is a unique, proprietary formula that is ahead of hazardous crystalline silica cutting systems.

The outdated crystalline silica abrasive products are not well suited for the quick cure and new super hard clear coats.

Fast Action Compound functions superbly as the first step of a two-step finishing process for dark-colored vehicles, and as a one step buffing product for most light colors

  • Water soluble - very easy to clean off trim and door jams.
  • Will not stain clear coats.
  • Has a "staged" abrasive system that breaks down (fractionalizes) during use and allows for cutting down 1,000 - 1,500 sanding scratches quickly while wet.
  • Becomes a finer finish type product as heat and pressure break down the "staged" aluminum silicate abrasive.
  • Slightly more aggressive than Leveling Compound.
  • Will not cause silicosis
  • Can be a one-step product on most buffing applications.
  • Eliminates the need for using multiple products.
  • Reduces prep time


Race Glaze Leveling Compound is formulated for removal of minor surface imperfections from all types of paint surfaces. You see fabulous results on clear coat finishes. It contains no silicones or waxes.